Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Super Random Makeup Projects

Auburn photoshoot with  Stephanie Chan, Izuan Shah & Izzat (now with Hujan), back in 2009.

Auburn's first photoshoot, back in don't know when, 2009.

Shireen & Zein's KL wedding reception, 26th May 2012. (Shireen was a junior from my highschool & a close friend of my younger sister's. Still waiting for the professional photos, this was from a friend's blackberry camera shot. I know. I need a good camera.)

Velvet, 2010. This is one of my many bands, we perform mostly Chinese numbers & English oldies in an acoustic setting. Members look familiar? Photo taken by Hanafi Estranged. Apparel by various treasures found in the infamous Berjaya Times Square.

This was for my first Globalifestyle International In-house catalogue photoshoot, 10 April 2012. A big thank you to Serene Chong aka Mrs Nanda for thinking of me and requiring my services.

Everybody, meet Jennifer. She's the model for this collection. Hair was also done by me. Unfortunately, I couldn't conceal her wrist tattoo well enough as I wasn't aware that I had to do so. If I get more challenging makeup work like this in the near future, I will invest in either the heavy duty Kryolan/Kat Von D's Tattoo Concealer/an airbrushing machine soon. Angelina Jolie, here I come.

That is me in 'makeup artist' action. In my most comfortable 'Chinese Aunty' ensemble because I was not feeling well during the shoot. I always braid my hair so that they are out of my face.

Location look familiar? This outdoor shot was taken at the Marmalade Publika. Photos are taken by Joe, who is Serene's colleague. I should find out his full name and credit him soon.

A slight change of hairstyle, lippy and more brown eyeshadows. The hair and makeup looks for this photoshoot was inspired by Kate Spade & Orla Kiely. Very retro, very fun.

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