Wednesday, 13 June 2012

My Girls.And.Money Moment with Johnny McGeorge Part 1

Alrighty then. This is the moment where I share with you my amazing collaboration with the infamous Johnny McGeorge. No amount of adjectives can describe him and his work. Okay, maybe I can try in 3 words : talented, patient, unpredictable.

These pictures were shot in 2 to 3 hours on the 27th March 2012 at various areas of my own home. And I almost cancelled the photoshoot with him because my skin breakouts just got worse (I kept blaming the microdermabrasion treatments, until Johnny pointed out "Maybe it's like facials? Your skin has to get worse before it gets better?" and just because of that, I knew that I would be comfortable doing the photoshoot with him) We took loads of pictures, but Johnny did advise that less is more, so here I am sharing with you the wonders of makeup, image styling, hair, props, fashion & amazing photography skills!

This look is Karen O (from the Yeah Yeah Yeahs) inspired.

The head dress was handmade by my friends from Team HamsterDamnAged. A few years back, I debuted as a singer for a project band called HamsterDamnAged. We (Stephanie, Melina and I) were housemates back then and it was one of those fun things we decided to do together. From an open mic stint organized by Reza Salleh at the Cloth & Clef (it closed down the very same year) until we reached full fledged Yeah Yeah Yeahs tribute cover band status, my music career and my life changed. And so did my image.
One of those 'hamaigadss' moments because I personally think I looked quite ravishing here. My legs looked really long & slim here. And I loved the flare from the sun. It was such a fluke. This was taken outside my home, near the kitchen.

This one was an even greater fluke because there was a sudden breeze. As directed by Johnny, I kept twirling and turning slowly countless of times. Needless to say, I destroyed my beautiful strappy Red Indian leather ballet flats that I had from my Bangkok years.

I like how I don't have to smile and yet I can look quite nice here. Notice the slight breezy action. My hair was being very obedient here, even right after all that twirling.

This was taken at one of the white walls of my home. Here I added my blue melodion and my pink Hello Kitty ear muffs. The wind effect was from my own fan. This is still the same makeup look from the outdoor shoots with the head dress before.

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