Monday, 4 June 2012

My Kawaii Gyaru Moment 2

The Look: I wore my mum's vintage lace blouse from the 70s (the label said Segama Tailors), black dress shorts from Mphosis, beige sling bag from H&M, sheer black pantyhose with heart patterns and the black and white oxfords, both from Vincci, fake diamond hoop earrings also from Vincci and my Enki Bilal black Swatch.
This is me trying the innocent wide doe-eyed look. Did you barf a little? Yeah, me too. 
How to look like a kawaii gyaru like the above? Easy Peasy.
a) Colour your hair. I prefer mine in copper brown tones. And then you can either curl your hair (or get them permed), set them in a myriad of styles or like me, tie it in a top knot.
b) Wear coloured contact lenses, big eyed lenses optional.
c) Fake lashes are a MUST. If you are blessed with long, camel-like lashes naturally, just curl them & wear lots of mascara. I prefer waterproof mascaras.
d) BB Creams, brown eye makeup, dolly pink cheeks and cupcake pink lips. 
e) Pout. Peace sign fingers helps too.

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