Monday, 18 June 2012

Froya In Progress

There's something about helping my friends out with their band photo shoot or press release picture shoots. I enjoy them immensely. I am really blessed that these super talented friends of mine have such faith in me to help them with their makeup, hair and styling. Every photo shoot is a challenge, an adventure and somewhat like an art project for me (since I can't draw but a friend of mine somehow enjoys my artwork attempts and will ask me to draw something for people to guess from time to time). I try to imagine how their music and their image can merge together, to deliver a message in the right direction. 
Yikes. I have no idea what I am trying to say. 

Umm. In a nutshell, I just want them to look good and if they're happy with it, I am super happy because I got the job done.

This is one of my recent works that took place on the 5th June 2012 at WASP Studios. 
Presenting Froya aka Michelle Lee. Froya is one band you wouldn't want to miss and they will be the talk of the town very very soon, mark my words. Amazing talent, beautiful songwriting and very fresh sounds. This would be the second time I've worked with Michelle Lee. We were both up by 5am and started to work on her makeup & hair after our McDonald's breakfast with some cool & interesting music playing from one of the computers at her workplace. The photo shoot ended around 12.30pm and Michelle was very sweet to let me nap on her office sofa (and feed me lunch) before I head out to my next shoot of the day. These are just some of the photos taken by Eric Ooi, her photographer of choice. I cannot wait for the other amazing photos to share with you all!

Michelle bought this new dress just for this shoot. I gave her natural looking makeup (it's great that she's got a great complexion so makes it really easy for me) and enhanced her eyes with brown shadows, eyeliner & falsies. I also flat ironed her hair straight first, then curled them & gave her an exaggerated side parting.

Haha. I actually placed the paper rabbit model on top of her head as we were trying to be quirky. She looks cute & childlike here. She's working some retro hair and outfit here, I think it suits her personality. I added some black dots, big & small around her eyes for a funkier look. I have a lot of ideas in my head at the moment, I hope I do get to explore them on her in future.

Another quirky one. This was taken in her office room where she works as a composer for WASP.

One of the first few photos taken that morning. She's got a really nice, sweet smile and the reflection from this baby grand piano was really cool. That piece of beaded headband around her head is one of my favourite accessories in my personal collection. I think I got it from Sg Wang.

One of the outdoor shots at WASP. She looks lovely here, but she was braving every single mosquito bite here. Couldn't tell, huh? The mosquito repellent I sprayed on her (yes, I come prepared!) wasn't very helpful. I think the mosquitos at her workplace are of the invincible kind. Both the photographer & me got attacked as well. Next time I should have a fog machine for this.
This was one of my ultimate faves! Check out the flare that Eric Ooi caught! And look at how natural Michelle is, and at the same time it's fairy-tale like. This picture says a thousand words.
Michelle. Are you trying to tell the paper rabbit something? 
This is such a cute shot. Look at how mischievous Michelle looks, and the rabbit looks innocent but somewhat cheeky.
And the rabbit was also caught with the flare of the sun! Here comes the sun, do do do do...

The Froya rabbit that was couriered in time for the photo shoot. Tune in for more magical Froya photos the next time! Till then, check them out on Facebook and follow them @FroyaMusic via Twitter. You can also check their music on SoundCloud. Support local music!


  1. Hi Sharon,

    Thanks for your lovely make up and styling. You made me feel like a princess for a day in this shoot haha! Yes, please bring a fog machine next time for an outdoor shoot. Lol! Thanks for being caring and extra thoughtful during the shoot too.It means a lot for a stiff amateur like me : ) Last but not least, you are wonderful and would love to work with you next time!


    1. Thank you Michelle for having me in this musical adventure of yours! I am looking forward to more fun & experiments with you! Such an honour to be working with you since Mili'z and now, Froya!