Monday, 18 June 2012


When I first relocated back to Kuala Lumpur from my 6 years of performing & living in Bangkok, Thailand, the first band to have me help them with their photo shoot was Mili'z, thanks to the recommendation of Melina. Mili'z was no stranger to the indie music scene at the time but I had no idea that Malaysia had such a thriving independent music scene. I had not heard them perform before and had absolutely no idea about their music direction (which I feel is really important as it helps with the inspirations & ideas for the look that the band might want to go for). Luckily, my assistant for that day was my youngest sister Yvonne and she was rather well versed with the local music scene, so that helps a little as she filled me in a bit on their music.

Mili'z were Michelle Lee, Ling and Ronnie Tan. 

Mili'z (from left to right) Ling, Michelle and Ronnie.

I loved this brick wall on their chosen location. So dreamy and the colours were awesome.

At the time, Michelle had long brown hair with blonde highlights. We gave her loads of tight curls which were then loosened with a rat tail comb to give her a slight afro texture to her hair. I was still fresh-from-makeup-academy-mode so I think that explains the strong angular eyebrows & blusih grey smoky eyes, but as years go by I find that my school's technique (I went to the best makeup school in Thailand -Makeup Technique International or MTI for short) is still the best for great eyebrows & eye makeup.

I love her big hair & her light brown eyebrows. The falsies I had her put on was one of my favourites. Cannot find them anywhere else but in Pratunam Market. Super cheap & better than MAC or Shu Uemura's.

We gave Ling wavy curls but the main idea was to give them both big hairstyles but of different textures. On Ling I think I gave her dark jade green smokey eyes but for some reason it looked pretty similar to Michelle's bluish grey smokey eyes. After this photo shoot, many months later, I got to listen to Mili'z live on stage. And boy was I blown away! And boy did I wish to do another photoshoot with them because I had so much ideas running through my mind! This band was an awesome treat (and still is. I think you can still check them out on MySpace & Youtube) to the ears and proof that our local music has so much talent and deserves so much more love. Thank you Mili'z for including me & Yvonne in your journey. We are so proud to be part of this.

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