Monday, 14 May 2012

Tempered Mental

Tempered Mental. One of the best bands in the world and very low profile at the same time. I am terrible at writing and I am afraid that my amateur journalist skills will not do these friends of mine justice. We go a long long way back and I am always so happy & honoured whenever they ask me to help them out with their photoshoot or makeup for their shows. It was really fun tagging along with these guys & Pete Teo on their Japan tour back in 2008. 
This was a really last minute photo shoot for them. I think this is for their Korean & Japan promoters to promote them for their shows there sometime in the near future, probably around late Aug/Sept 2012. Yay! I forgot the name of the photographer, he's a friend of Jimmy's. But I think the picture turned out pretty good. Just basic makeup, fixed their hair a bit and they're good to go!

Tempered Mental are (from left to right) Jack Lian, Melina William & Jimmy Tan aka Jimmy Jamz.
You can check them out on their official website
You can also check their MySpace and follow them on Facebook and twitter.

Tempered Mental (@temperedmental) on Twitter

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