Saturday, 5 May 2012

Cleanliness is next to Godliness.

Yup. That is me. I was there at Jalan Sultan with all these other people. And I was wearing my pair of Nike running shoes that were bright yellow in colour. I wore a light yellow floral scarf that I made myself eons ago and I am carrying a bottle of Tinge that is yellow in colour. That is one of my favourite drinks to quench my thirst. Flavoured water. Yummy.

I didn't get tear gassed or shot by the water cannon. I am super lucky. But I could feel the semangat rakyat. Amazing. Negaraku, the national anthem of Malaysia, never sounded more beautiful.

It was hot, it was packed, and it was for a good purpose. I don't have to elaborate further what the social media has already made known to the public. Only time will tell and the truth will set us free.

We can make that change. Exercise your right to vote. Don't feel peer pressured into doing so. Take the initiative to find out more information and form your own opinion.

We will not be the innocent ants getting squashed by the big smelly boot only if we make that change. 

Tanah tumpahnya darahku
Rakyat hidup bersatu dan maju
Rahmat bahagia
Tuhan kurniakan
Raja kita selamat bertakhta
Rahmat bahagia
Tuhan kurniakan 
Raja kita selama bertakhta.

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