Monday, 19 November 2012


"Love is hard because we make it so. The uncertainty about being loved shapes the way we act towards others. Some of us are rebellious to the things that our families hold dear. Others of us go to another extreme. We love and nurture others to the neglect of our own well-being. Time often gets us back on track, though.

So what can you do to get back on track as soon as possible and be happy?

One cannot buy love through caring for and nurturing others. Those two qualities can be of the real kind if they come from someone who is a magnet for must consciously open your heart to God's love, which is always and forever flowing out to you like a quiet mountain stream.

You probably came into this lifetime with a particular goal. And that goal was to learn the secret of life. 
The secret?
God is love. 
But you probably knew that already. So what's keeping you from truth? It's the realization, not the knowledge. Knowledge is just a mental thing. But it's the realization that you are Soul. That you are worth something. Because God loved you first.
You exist because of God's love. So does your neighbor. And if your neighbor needs help and you can give it, you are also helping yourself.

We're so busy just with the survival of our human self that we sometimes forget to be grateful for the very dear things in our lives - our loved ones, our mates and our children, our parents, and our brothers and sisters.

Soul yearns to return home to God. Home to God means the area of supreme divine love that has no conditions attached to it : unconditional love.
I think it is very important in this life to learn to love someone more than yourself. Whether it's another person or a pet. And before you can love someone else more than yourself, you begin by first loving yourself. Loving yourself doesn't mean to have a high, egotistical regard for yourself or go strutting around like some dictator. It means to have respect for yourself as Soul, as a child of God, because once you recognize yourself as Soul, as one of these beings of God, you've made an important step in your spiritual unfoldment.

Love is the goal, then, of our spiritual search. The way to God is ever within the heart, within the loving heart. "

~ Spiritual Wisdom on Relationships by Harold Klemp

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