Monday, 19 November 2012

How To See If A Relationship Is Worth Developing

How does one know if a relationship is based on love and is worth developing?

No one has the final word on love, but consider the following points in deciding if you really love someone :

1. Does he/she bring joy to your heart when 
   you think of him/her?

2. Do you want to make him/her happy?

3. Will you love him/her for what he/she is 
   and not try to change him/her? Will you let
   him/her be as he/she is and not what you 
   want him/her to be?

4. Young people tend to fall in love with 
   their ideal of love. This means that one
   has their ideal of a Prince Charming who
   is really a toad. Not all Prince Charmings
   are toads, and not all toads are Prince

   treat you - like a treasure or someone to 
   be used?

These points should give you a fairly good opportunity to see what kind of relationship you are in.

A relationship without trust won't last. What is the source of this mistrust? Does he look at other women when you are out together in public?
Dreams can prepare you for a relationship that may be coming to an end. They will tell you something is wrong. If your partner is showing less affection toward you, you must decide whether to try to patch up the relationship or let it go.
Think of your dreams as advisers. They may point out problems and offer solutions, but consider all the facts before deciding on any important issue. Especially watch people's daily behavior toward you. Your dreams may suggest what behavior to look out for, but don't break up a relationship without some physical evidence to back up your suspicions. 

No matter what happens with this relationship, try to be a greater channel for divine love. Love will overcome suspicion, which can destroy any relationship. 

Love is blind and probably always will be. The only way to find out anything in life is to go ahead and get the experience. Nothing is ever lost. Each experience can teach us valuable lessons about ourselves, painful though they may be.

~ Spiritual Wisdom on Relationships by Harold 

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